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How it works

It's important to have the right plan when learning to code. After successfully working with 3000 students, we've taken, refined, purified, and sharpened the fastest ways to make progress.


Watch the Training Modules

40+ hours of web & eCommerce development: a straightforward type of programming. Learn enough code to help the average person, and get paid to do that. We will teach you all the skills required to land your first position.


Practice Real-World Projects

All our Bootcamp Projects are designed based on real-world freelance listings and typical agency tasks.
Learn what realistic projects look like and build your own confidence completing them. All Projects will be reviewed by our mentor team, who are industry professionals.


Start your Career

Freemote students are moving fast. They usually land their first paid projects 5-6 weeks into the program. No theory, no fluff. We only focus on the things you actually need as a developer, and how to land your first paying client.


Ongoing Support

Suffering from Imposter syndrom or not knowing if you're good enough? Unlike other bootcamps we keep supporting our students while they're working on paid projects or their first jobs. If you ever struggle to complete a paid projects our mentors will get you unstuck in no time.

Why Freemote?

Freemote is the only Bootcamp that comes with direct mentorship, lifetime access, and personal 1/10th the cost of other bootcamps.

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University Degree
Multiple Programming Languages
Mentorship and Personal Feedback
Interview Preparation
Ongoing community access
Continued support even on the Job
Udemy Courses
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Choose Plan
University Degree
Multiple Programming Languages
Mentorship and Personal Feedback
Interview Preparation
Ongoing community access
Continued support even on the Job
Other Bootcamps
University Degree
Multiple coding languages
Mentorship and Personal Feedback
Interview Preparation
Ongoing community access
Continued support even on the Job

Students Feedback

"Results are what counts "

“I can't thank Freemote enough for all you have done for me. My new Job is the best Job I ever had. After 10 years of manual labor that’s an easy thing to say… Now I wake up excited to go to work each day (many of which I get todo from home) .

Nicholas Coover
Web Developer

“Today I was hired as a Shopify developer at a company, after freelancing for 5 months post finishing Freemote! Thanful for Jan Frey and Aaron Jack, the rest of the Freemote team, and to the people in this group for supporting me when I really struggled when starting freelancing!

Katarina Floyd
Software Developer

“My first year I made over 100k (May to march). I stay away from hourly pricing as much as possible but when I need to my rate starts at $140 and my biggest month ever being 30k. I don’t share this to gloat but in hopes this helps you or anyone find motivation to stick to it to find your version of success.

Saul Vega
Freelance Shopify Developer

“I'm still freelancing at the moment, but I was actually able to relocate my family to upstate New York and buy a house all on my own! We moved in July and have been living our best life.

Avery Dickerson
Freelance Shopify Developer

“I have just accepted a  one year development contract for a large food distributor! The pay is 6 figures, 40 hours per week, and will not be scrutinized for every hour I work. Another success story for Freemote!

Tim Frederick
Analyst and Developer

“I could go on all day about how awesome they've been! Ongoingly supportive and amazing group. They guide you every step of the way through your coding career. Can't recommend them enough!

Stefanie Schultz
Freelance Web Developer

“Thank you Freemote for helping me get my first full-time job in the tech industry!I’ll never be expected to go into the office. It’s a small tech company in Japan. I’m the 11th employee and everyone is remote.

Zach Taylor
Frontend Developer

Freelance, or full time at companies like...

Coaches That Care

You don't have to do this alone. Join a community of like-minded students from all around the world and mentors with real industry experience who are passionate about helping others.


Our mentors get you unstuck while learning or working on your own paid projects.


Collaborate with other students and make friends across the globe.

State of the art Technologies.

As the tech world changes, so do we. The curriculum is frequently updated to catch up on trends and industry best practices. Whether you're goal is to become a freelancer or find a fulltime job, you'll be an asset to a variety of companies.

Build your outstanding Developer Portfolio

All or projects are designed based on real world freelance listingss.
We take care of the project ideas so you can focus on the coding. You’ll end up with an incredible portfolio of stunning projects!

Still have questions?

What is Freemote?

Freemote is the most sought-after Remote Coding Bootcamp. We’re teaching people how to code and help them land their first developer jobs or succeed as freelance developers. 

Each student that enrolls gets access to our pre-recorded content, live weekly coaching calls with experts, and their personal 1:1 success coach. 

Freemote is perfect for people who have beginner- to intermediate level coding skills and are currently making less than $5,000-$10,000 per month as programmers.

Can I join as a complete beginner?


We have created this program with beginners in mind, and there are no prerequisites.

However, depending on your skill level you may take the program at a different pace.

What are the time requirements? Can I do this part time?

The majority of our students have jobs, and in many cases a family -- they're busy people.

Fortunately, the program goes at YOUR pace, and we support you when you hit milestones, or whenever you need it.

We highly recommend attending the 2 live coaching calls per week to stay motivated and listen.

How long will I have access to Freemote ?

As a member of Freemote you will have lifetime access to our learning platform, the community, as well as all future updates.

What are the payment methods?

We've moved mountains to make sure you’re able to join Freemote at the best possible condition.
So we decided to partner up with Klarna, a platform that allows you to pay for Freemote in up to 24 installments.

Besides that, you can also enroll with PayPal, Credit Card, and common 3rd party wallets such as Google pay.

If you're located outside the US contact us at for payment plan options.

How does graduation work?

After successfully finishing the Bootcamp, you’ll be able to take a final test and retrieve your Certificate of completion. You can use the certificate as an asset in your resume, and we’re also happy to introduce qualified students to companies in our network.

How much support do I get?

We provide unlimited help-desk support, code reviews, and answer any question you can imagine, ensuring you will never get stuck as long as you have an active subscription.

Our guarantee: only programmers who have worked in the industry will be answering your questions.

Bootcamps that cost literally 20 times more have student mentors. We don't.

Do I need to quit my job to get results with Freemote?

No. Freemote provides you with the foundation you need to start a side hustle. We do not recommend that people quit their jobs prior to earning money with their side-hustle.

What if I'm not sure if coding is right for me?

This is the exact reason we have our easy money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Join up with confidence, give us a try and if it's not right for you, no worries. We refund 100% within this time period.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the original tuition price. No questions asked.

For all cancellation requests, please email OR submit the form on the contact page.

Refunds will be processed and payment plans canceled within 48 hours.