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👋 Hey, my name's Aaron Jack.

I started as a broke English Teacher and became a Software Developer at Uber in San Francisco just 6 months after writing my first line of code.I'm not some genius... I sucked at math, had a business degree from a normal school.

What I did have, though, was a great strategy.

That was 4 years ago.

Now, in 2021 I have an even better strategy that's getting the people who follow it paid jobs in just weeks I'm stoked to share this strategy with you, so click the button below, or the success stories over there if you're still not sure 👉
Avery D

“Started with zero coding experience and a $14/hour factory job, after 1 month following the strategy, was hired for a stable $37/hour coding position after 4 weeks.”

Sean G

Was struggling with limited experience, learned the strategy and was featured on UpWork and invited to be hired 77 times at a rate of $65/hour

Toni C.

Started with zero coding experience, started with small jobs, worked her way up to multiple freelance clients

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