Who Is Joining FREEMOTE and What Are They Saying?

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Forrest W
Forrest quit his English teacher job to be a full time remote developer
Ryan V.
Joined to learn Shopify and has already found clients
Matthew L
Left his job and became a freelance developer at Upwork
Robert W.
Landed his first client for $1000
David H.
Continues to get new clients and better reviews
Vusal H.
Boosted his confidence and found a great community
Toni C.
Toni received a 'Rising Talent' award on UpWork
Sean G.
Got a well-paid freelance job after 10 days
Saul V.
Went to a $10k+ Bootcamp, No Results
Rob M.
How Rob found a client 1 week after starting the course
Richard K.
Landed his first Web Dev job in 2 weeks
Kevin S.
Kevin got his first client in 2 weeks
Kaido S.
How Kaido landed an full-time Web Dev Job
John N.
John landed his first client in 2 weeks
James N.
How James landed 4 clients in 1 month
Jack H.
Joined to escape a 9 to 5 job and it's changed his life
Edgar H.
How Edgar got his first client on his first day
Connor J.
Connor got a paid internship in Ubisoft
Avery D.
How Avery landed a full-time Junior Web Developer Position
Amine A.
Got his first client for $300 after 10 days

What Are Students  Saying?

Shawn's First Client
Brandon's Early Review
Ryan Holt
Matthew L
Nick D's experience
Avery D's first 4 months
Saul V's First 4 months
Connor J
James R
Toni C
James N
Trond A.
Ramzi A
Carl E.
Forrest W.
Britt W
Robert W
Werner A.
Dominik L
Josh F.

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