8 Weeks? How This Is Possible?

Focus on a narrow slice of programming, that's extremely in-demand.

Learn how to get simple freelance jobs, so you get real PAID projects in your portfolio.

Leverage these jobs into more freelance income, or for getting full time interviews.

Ok, What Do We Focus On?

1. Web development, which gives you the fundamentals for a developer career

2. eCommerce development, a niche that's absolutely exploding in 2022

3. Freelancing tactics and skills that let you start earning remotely

What is Included?

In addition to the self-paced lessons, we have 3 coaching calls per week with professional programmers.

You can chat 1:1 with a programming mentor at any time INSIDE the dashboard and get unstuck.

And we review all your project code!

By The End Of The Program, You'll Learn...

Front End development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and REACT
Web development. Requests, JSON, APIs, AJAX, DOM.
How to set up Shopify stores -- a service worth $1,000 - $10,000+
Shopify development, Liquid, ThemeKit, Sections, and more
To build OVER $1,000 of freelancing tasks taken from REAL sites
How to create an impressive programmer portfolio website
How & where to find PAYING clients, even with no experience
How to contract, onboard, communicate, and deliver services

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Results We Get Our Students

4.9 Stars out of 5

Students have spoken, they LOVE Freemote

After 100+ VERIFIED Student Reviews on TrustPilot, we are a top ranked Bootcamp & the ONLY freelancing bootcamp.

85% Get Paid Jobs

85% of students who completed FREEMOTE and had sent at least 1 proposal have landed a job.

Based on a March 2022 student survey, n=700 sample size.

100% Money Back

If you're on the fence, we refund all students 100% who are not satisfied.

They just need to email support within 60 days of purchasing the program

250+ Coding Lessons,
30+ Hours Of Video Content

This is NOT a "sit back and enjoy the videos" program.

There are DOZENS of practice, projects, and quizzes.

They will truly take you all the way from the basics, to projects that businesses are actually paying for. Are you up for the challenge?

Checklists, Templates, Cheatsheets

Real agencies have a structured process for everything, and that's exactly what we're giving you.

Downloadable checklists, cheat sheets, contracts, and templates.

You'll be confident from day 1.

Video Code Reviews & Feedback

You'll get VIDEO feedback on your coding projects and portfolios.

This will not only allow you to improve quickly...

But will give you the confidence you need as a new developer.


No filler or self-help BS.

We focus on the SPECIFIC things you need to do to start earning.

The exact tools you need, how to create your portfolio, do outreach, and land clients.

An Amazing

You won't do this alone.

You'll have direct access to your technical mentors and instructors in a Facebook community.

We share every success and overcome problems together.

Most Up-To-Date Content

Other bootcamps are out of date.

The best strategies ALWAYS change over time, and this program will be kept current.

Join once, and you will always have access to new content.

Avery D



Now, $74,000/yr Job Offer, After 1 Month

Avery started as a factory worker with a wife and kids to support.

He shot the video you can see on the left after 1 month in FREEMOTE. when he got a job offer for $74,000 per year as a front end developer.

His dream was not just to work full time, but to continue freelancing as well.

And he was able to cross $100,000 in earnings in his first year as a freelancer!

Saul V



Profitable Freelancer After 1 Month

Saul attended a code bootcamp and every student's worst fear came true...
He spent all that time and money, and didn't get a job.

Fortunately, he was in good hands with FREEMOTE -- he got incredible results after just 1 month working with 4 clients at the same time.

He's nearing $100,000 in earnings in his FIRST YEAR as a freelancer.

Forrest W

USA / Taiwan


Full Time Remote Front End Developer

Forrest started out as an English teacher in Taiwan, but wanted to improve his work with more flexibility and location independence.

After going through the FREEMOTE program, he equipped himself with the skills to seize the right opportunity when it arose.

He was able to grab exactly that opportunity and turn it into a front end developer job, fully remote.

Amine A



Earning a full time Engineer Salary

Coming from a low income country, Amine from Morocco made a massive investment in himself when he joined Freemote.

He went all-in on the strategies and got results very quickly after joining, after just a single month.

Almost immediately, he was making more than full time engineers in his country, while working far less hours.

Your Future Instructors

Aaron Jack

A Software Developer, Freelancer and Programming instructor with 300k+ YouTube subscribers

Aaron has 5+ years of professional programming experience working at Uber Technologies in San Francisco, and at a 7 figure web development agency

Jan Frey

A Web developer, eCommerce developer, Shopify expert, and freelancer.

Jan has 3+ years of eCommerce developer experience and was a core member of the fastest growing eCommerce agency in Germany, where he focused exclusively on Shopify development.

Patrick Rosenblatt

Patrick is a multi-7-figure software development agency founder and CEO of E-Shop Guide, one of the top ranked e-Commerce agencies in Germany.

He is the instructor for the "Agency Empire Building" module in Freemote.

Evan Fisher

Evan is the top earner on the ENTIRE UpWork platform for multiple years in a row. He has over $1.75 Million in Earnings on the platform.

He is the instructor for the "7 Figure UpWork Secrets" module in Freemote.

The Curriculum

55 lessons 9:36:21
Shopify Platform
20 lessons 1:51:28
Basic Shopify
15 lessons 1:56:08
Freelancing Skills
& Strategies
26 lessons 5:01:35
JavaScript Basics
& Mechanics
41 lessons 6:52:50
Advanced JavaScript
& Web Development
17 lessons 2:17:14
Advanced Shopify
14 lessons 2:44:40
49 lessons 13:04:40

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$18,000 - $30,000
20x More Expensive
Broad, Generic, Saturated Web Development
Generic, Stale Curriculum Built In 2015
INEXPERIENCED Instructors & Mentors
After The Program You're On Your Own
No Refunds.
One Payment, 25% Discount!
Focused, Booming Web + EComm Niche
Results-Oriented, 2022 Curriculum
1:1 Live Coding Mentor Chat Support
3 Live Group Coaching Calls Per Week
60 Days Money Back Guarantee

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